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Union closing in on USL affiliate: We recommend calling it U2

Nick Sakiewicz shared the Philadelphia Union's latest thinking on a USL affiliate, and Brotherly Game has some thoughts on what the club should be named.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Union still haven't found the USL affiliate they are looking for, but they are getting closer. In an interview with Dave Zeitlin, Nick Sakiewicz gave an update with where the club stands. The short of it that Harrisburg is likely not the best option, but they are closely looking at the Lehigh Valley. Sakiewicz said the main issue with Harrisburg is the lack of control over the players and "their whole regimen - whether it's nutrition, their living accommodations, how their commuting, the kind of surface working on every day."

Sakiewicz suggested that revitalizing the Bethlehem Steel club that dominated American soccer in the 1920s was an appealing option. "You know my love affair with the Bethlehem Steel and the jersey and I'm very proud we were able to revive that history. We're studying that market closely, absolutely. There's a lot of great soccer fans in the Lehigh Valley and they certainly deserve a team."

The Union owners will be investing their silver and gold into the new club, which will only help the Union back in Philadelphia. The new USL club would be a smart investment, providing another source of revenue for the owners and act as a key strategic link between the academy and the senior team. Wherever they put the club, I will follow.

The Brotherly Game staff is excited about the prospect and has been lovingly referring to the soon to be founded club as "U2". We think it would draw a lot of attention to soccer in the area and soccer in general. To avoid any legal issues we recommend they invite one of the members of U2 into the ownership group. U2's drummer Larry Mullen Jr. did help write a song for Ireland during their 1990 World Cup run called "Put 'Em Under Pressure" so maybe he's the best option.

Sakiewicz said that the team would be making a decision in the next few months. Obviously that's going to be October.