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Maurice Edu's Twitter takeover

AFC Bournemouth handed over their Twitter account to the Philadelphia Union's Maurice Edu yesterday afternoon. He didn't shy away from any question, be it his time with Rangers FC, the USMNT, and his future with the Philadelphia Union.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Maurice Edu took over the AFC Bournemouth Twitter account yesterday after the joint press conference, and he was asked a slew of questions by people wanting to know his thoughts on just about everything - from the Old Firm Derby between Celtic and Rangers, the USMNT vs. El Tri, and his future with the Philadelphia Union.

The first question he faced was about AFC Bournemouth and whether or not they'd stay up in the English Premier League this season:

He was then asked about his collection of shoes:

He was then asked about this goal, which won not only the Old Firm Derby but the Scottish Premier League for Rangers in 2010:

Edu talked a bit about the quality of Major League Soccer and how it compares to other leagues he's played in:

As well as if he was looking forward to playing against Bournemouth:

Then the question that was on everyone's lips - who does Mo play as when playing FIFA:

Edu was then asked who the best player he's ever played with was:

Edu was then asked if he'd ever play in England again if an English team was interested in him. His response:

Definitely not the stock answer we were expecting. Not sure how to read into that, or if it should even be read into. The next question's tweet has since been deleted, but the one after that is also worthy of a video - what was the most important goal of his career:

Edu was then asked what was the most intense rivalry he has been a part of:

His thoughts on Rangers:

Bundesliga or Serie A:

Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi:

Superman or Batman  - ok so he didn't answer that one, but if you're reading Mo let us know!

He was asked about Cherries manager Eddie Howe:

The Bournemouth players he was aware of:

And lastly his favorite memory with Rangers other than the aforementioned goal:

And just like that, the Twitter takeover was done. So what was your favorite question? What was one you wish had been asked (aside from Batman vs. Superman - we totally called that one)? Let us know in the comments below!