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Update: Rodolfo Zelaya not training with the Union

The Philadelphia Union released a statement contradicting the Brotherly Game report that Rodolfo Zelaya was training with the team.

This photo does not include Rodolfo Zelaya
This photo does not include Rodolfo Zelaya

Last night Brotherly Game published an article claiming that Salvadorian striker Rodolfo Zelaya was pictured in a team photo tweeted by the team.

Philadelphia Union technical director Chris Albright released the following statement this morning: "Contrary to unsubstantiated reports, Rodolfo Zelaya is not training with us at this time. We do not want to make a habit of commenting on rumors, but feel our fans should not be misled on misidentified claims."

On behalf of the staff at Brotherly Game I want to apologize for misidentifying Zelaya in the picture. We did not intend to mislead fans or create hope where there might not be any. We will continue to scour the world wide web for Union news in any language and deliver what we believe has truth to it. We do our best to verify our sources, however from time to time we may get inaccurate information. The world wide web is unfortunately not a bastion of perfect truth, nor is our interpretation of it. We commit to be more diligent in our reporting.