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Peter Nowak finding success in new role

Ex-Philadelphia Union boss Peter Nowak is the manager of Antigua and Barbuda. Can a guy notorious for being a hard-ass adjust to the laid-back island lifestyle?

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Piotr Nowak seems to be thoroughly enjoying his new position as Head Coach of the Antigua and Barbuda FA according to this article from The former Philadelphia Union coach took up his current position early last year as he returned to the sidelines for the first time since being fired by the Union back in 2012. Despite the anger and disgust that can still be felt whenever Nowak's name is mentioned, he seems to be making progress in the small island nation, overseeing Antigua and Barbuda's rise through the FIFA rankings during his tenure.

Nowak almost seems like a different man based on quotes from some of his players, with some going so far as to call him "...a pretty relaxed guy" and one player even calling him, "A great guy". These type of quotes seem to clash with the Nowak that MLS fans had become familiar with; a fiery personality that wanted things done his way. Now that's not to say Nowak is totally changed, there still seem to be some remnants of the old coach, especially when it comes to getting his players used to a more stringent time schedule.

"I noticed that time is a fluid thing here on the islands...I had to make some rules about it. Maybe not everyone loved that." - Peter Nowak

It is completely fair and reasonable for Union fans to still harbor ill will towards the man that seemingly left the team in ruins only to sue the club a short time later. But bad feelings aside, Nowak seems to be on to something down in the Caribbean as Antigua and Barbuda look to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.