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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - NYCFC 2

Poetry Corner Kicks mourns a loss of momentum

Manchester City Junior celebrates at the Union's expense.
Manchester City Junior celebrates at the Union's expense.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

That was disappointing. With a chance to head into a two-week gameless stretch on a high note, the Philadelphia Union drop the ball to a New York City FC team that was somehow struggling even more than the Union were. The loss put the Union on the wrong side of history again as it was NYCFC's first win on the road. It is nice to see C.J. Sapong starting and becoming such an integral part of the team. Hopefully he has learned some valuable lessons from his "missteps" from a couple of months ago. So how did this one go down? Let’s take a look...

The Sons of Ben were in their pen yelling at full blast
They hoped their screams would make the team from New York feel harassed
New York was struggling, kinda bungling through their first campaign
Maybe Villa would say "See ya!", returning home to Spain
Some shots were traded, chances faded nothing would go through
A goal at all just would not fall for either team in blue
Just after half a goal at last to give the U the lead
Sapong’s attack hit netting’s back the fans could cheer the deed
Their lead was short for in this sport a goal can happen quickly
And Tommy’s shot from down the block made Union fans feel sickly
The game was tied, a goal a side, it could go either way
Alas the U would bid adieu to any points today
Just three more minutes left to win it New York came alive
They scored a goal to gain control, the Union were deprived
Jim Curtin’s mad, the fans are sad, The U had lost again
Now fourteen days we all must wait, we’ll see how they do then