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Poetry Corner Kicks: two games for the price of one

Poetry Corner Kicks recaps the games against DC United and Columbus Crew SC

Against Columbus, The Union gave these folks a reason to cheer.
Against Columbus, The Union gave these folks a reason to cheer.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I am sure everyone noticed that there wasn’t a poetry recap of the recent Philadelphia Union game against D.C. United.  A day job, three kids, after-work commitments, and a quick turnaround between games conspired to deprive you of that recap.  So as an appetizer for today’s rhymes, I offer the below limerick for that game (a game I didn’t want to re-live too much anyway).  Then we’re on to the dismantling of Columbus Crew SC, which I totally didn’t see coming...

There once was a team called the U
Who lost their game to D.C.U.
At first ‘Toux would score
But D.C. scored more
Leaving Union fans saying "Pee-yew!"

And now on to the win against Columbus, which was far more entertaining...

At PPL the fans would yell
The taste of recent loss dispelled
The Crew in town to take their crown
They hoped the Union would lie down
But Philly played, their swagger swayed
To the visitors dismay
Silvestre’s size and sharper eyes
Meant C-bus couldn’t claim a prize
But Philly’s men would score and then
Keep piling on again and again
Sapong was first, his scoring thirst
Is being quenched in scoring bursts
Nogs was next to great effect
The C-bus goalie surely hexed
Then ‘Toux came in to set the win
The Union fans in raucous din
Three wins in four, we want some more
These wins we’re starting to adore
Our points per game are still quite lame
So Philly must remain aflame
Next is City, playing gritty
Time to beat them without pity