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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - Impact 2

Poetry Corner Kicks presses on through the rain

Rain, rain, rain.
Rain, rain, rain.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Rain. It came down for most of the game when the Philadelphia Union played the Montreal Impact. It was heavy at times and just a slight drizzle at others, but the game was wet and messy from start to finish. The rain rained, goals rained, and cards rained. There were seven cards in the game, but the way the referee was calling things, I’m surprised there weren’t more. Especially since Montreal’s game plan seemed to consist of not much other than mauling CJ Sapong. Oh well. In the end neither team got the win, which was probably the fair result in this one. Only the weather seemed to have won. Given that, I figured I’d try a poem using the old phrase about when it rains... You spot it?

Weather-beaten teams trod to the sod
Heedless of the driving rain
Eventually blinding the sight of crowd and cameras
Neither side giving in

In a short span, Ayuk rips one though
The eighth-minute strike bringing the Doops

Reveling in a lead was short lived
As Piatti wound through the Union defense
Incensing the home crowd with his goal
Now at half with a score of one to one
Strategy is washed away with the rain

In the second half, McInerney pours it on
The rain not the only dampener of spirits

Putting the ball into the visitor’s net is the only salve
One that Edu gladly provides in the seventy-fifth
Union hearts are glad for the tie, but wish for more
Ref whistles the end of the game
Sodden, gray, and wet is the end result