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Nick Sakiewicz opens his mouth, foot flies in

When will he learn?

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Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

In a stunning show of ignorance (or just plain stupidity), Nick Sakiewicz went on the Soccer Morning radio show today and criticized fans for a month-old incident.

This was curious timing from Sakiewicz, who had issued two statements in response to the incident back in May. Here's the gist of that response from last month:

Finally, and of most importance, we want to again extend our deepest gratitude to our supporters as we both understand and appreciate your frustrations. All of us here are committed to winning on the field. Our ultimate goal is to bring a championship to you, the very best fans in Major League Soccer. We will continue to work tirelessly to achieve that goal and will never give up that top priority to get there. Never!

That prepared statement addressed fans' frustrations appropriately considering the situation. It assured supporters that they are valued and their opinions have merit. Even if that's insincere, it's still what you say in what is essentially a public apology. For Sakiewicz to break away from the script in this fashion is totally reckless. Now, fans are enraged and the club has to clean up his mess. The only winner is Sakiewicz's ego.

Perhaps it is Sakiewicz who "didn't quite have a grasp on all of the information." In today's statement, he criticized fans' support of the team, though they made it very clear that May's demonstration was directed at the front office. Since the protest, the team has rebounded and fan support hasn't faltered. The only party driving a wedge here is Sakiewicz himself.

The relationship between Nick Sakiewicz and Philadelphia Union fans is irreparable. Hell, they made him a coffin. The only thing fans want from Sakiewicz at this point is his resignation. Until then, silence will do.

Update: The club has reached out to us about Sakiewicz's quotes.

"The quote about the protest is genuinely meant to be about the people carrying the coffin, not the group as a whole."