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Philadelphia Union transfer news and rumors: M'Bolhi going to Antalyaspor

Report in Algerian daily Tout sur l'Algérie says that exiled goalkeeper Rais M'Bohli could be headed to Turkey on Monday

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

A little over a week ago it was reported that Philadelphia Union and Algerian national team goalkeeper Rais M'Bohli had attracted an offer from Turkish club Bursaspor. The problem for Bursaspor is that they have been short on funds and would need to sell a player or two before having the money necessary to pay M'Bohli's contract demands and transfer fee. While Bursaspor is struggling for funds, it has been reported that M'Bohli is planning on visiting Antalyaspor on Monday. Antalyaspor was recently promoted to the Turkish Super Lig and surely is looking to build a stronger team to avoid relegation. Rais expects the trial to go well as he wants to "find the competition and take place as the number one keeper."

While most European transfer windows open in July, the Turkish transfer window has been open since June 9th. M'Bohli has reportedly only attracted offers from Turkish clubs thus far which raises a lot of questions, the biggest perhaps being why he has not been sold yet since the transfer window has been open. A possibility is that we could see a bidding war over M'Bohli between Antalyaspor and another club - perhaps Bursaspor (should Bursaspor manage to find the funds they need for M'Bohli) or another, as-of-yet unnamed club.

Out of all of the rumors we've heard so far, this one is the most believable - but that's not saying a whole lot in this case. Any team looking to sign M'Bolhi is essentially taking a flyer on a guy who'll join his eleventh club in ten years and hasn't played since April 8. It'll be interesting to watch this one and see where it goes.