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Uh, does Zac MacMath want to come back?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

From 2012 to mid-2014, Zac MacMath flew around the 18-yard boxes of PPL Park. It was a magnificent time, full of penalty stops and own goals, kick-saves and butt-slaps, and minor concussions and Open Cup successes. It was the Zac MacMath Era.

I was just a boy during the ZME, and Zac MacMath was all I knew. I have blurry recollections of Faryd Mondragon and Chris Seitz, but I am Generation Z born and bred. It was a simpler time, then. Everyone knew what to expect out of the man in orange, and everyone knew who the man in orange was. Then, last summer, everything changed.

On July 30, 2014, the Union announced that they had signed Algerian goalkeeper Rais M'Bolhi. This move puzzled us all. Who is this man? Will he wear orange? Can we still be friends with Zac? These questions persisted throughout the season, as Rais failed to impress in his first few games with the Union. The M'Llennial Generation was already looking bleak.

During the off-season, Zac was shipped west, to Colorado. The green man stayed here. He continued to flounder during his time with the Union, and Coach Jim Curtin told him to go away. The John McCarthy Era started abruptly and with much local fanfare. Recently, it has not been going so well, and yesterday, it took a turn for the worst (of course). McCarthy sustained a concussion in practice, one that will keep him out of this weekend's match in Vancouver.

McCarthy's injury presented an opportunity for Andre Blake, who has been working his way back from a knee injury he suffered a few months ago. With McCarthy certainly out this Saturday, Blake should be the man in between th--ah shit he tore his meniscus.

Cool. Alright, oh, and M'Bolhi is back now! He is back in training and currently the only healthy goalkeeper on the Union's roster, but he still might not start! Curtin will need to sign an emergency pool goalkeeper for the weekend, and it still is not known if said 'keeper will be the starter or the back-up on Saturday. The Union play in a different country in three days and their starting goalkeeper probably isn't even on the team yet.

Some have been campaigning for the return of stability in the form of Zac MacMath, even before today. However, due to MLS rules, he "must remain with his new club for the entire MLS Season." The Twittersphere's foremost Union-themed superhero, Union Hulk, asked Zac if he wanted help returning to this "DUMPSTER FIRE," to which Zac responded:

So, uh, does Zac MacMath want to come back? Maybe! Is he just playing along with Union Hulk? Probably! Will the Union end up giving allocation money to the Rapids in exchange for the termination of MacMath's loan? Definitely!