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Rais M'Bolhi back in Union training

The Algerian goalkeeper has returned to practice today.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Today the Union announced that Rais M'Bolhi is participating in team activities for the first time since he was benched nearly a month ago.

Following M'Bolhi's poor performance in the Union's collapse versus Sporting Kansas City, Jim Curtin announced that John McCarthy would be his starting goalkeeper for the foreseeable future. In his weekly press conference, Curtin revealed that M'Bolhi had been effectively barred from practice, saying, "It's best for him and the team that he's not with the group."

Up until today, all indications were that M'Bolhi would never return to Chester. His play and attitude were so poor that his manager kicked him off the team only a month after the season's start. Curtin did leave open the possibility of a return, but, after one of the worst months in Union history, it did not seem likely that the Algerian 'keeper would show his face again.

Now, M'Bolhi is back in practice for whatever reason. Is this just a ploy to raise his transfer value? Will he retake the starting spot that he lost so disastrously? Tune in tomorrow to find out!