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Poetry Corner Kicks - Union 2 Red Bulls 0

Poetry Corner Kicks: The Union win another fan

Two wins in a row!!!
Two wins in a row!!!
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

I am a Philadelphia Union fan living in Brooklyn, New York.  I have been to PPL Park a few times for games, but most of the times that I get to go to a game in person is when the Union come to town.  This past Saturday, my whole family got to come to the game - my wife, my 5 year old, my 3 year old, and my 4 month old.  It was quite an experience!  Before the game, my oldest felt the need to declare himself a New York Red Bulls fan.  He is my son, so I supported him - even while wearing all my Union gear.

My son is still learning about sports and fandom.  At each Union goal on Saturday I was elated and cheering - DOOPing my heart out.  My son however, was crying bitter tears.  I had to cut off my celebrations early to comfort him as he wept.  A few minutes after the second goal, he decided he was now a Union fan.  From that point on, he was thrilled and all through the rest of our long holiday weekend, the Red Bulls were the "bad guys" and he always wanted to be the Union as we kicked the soccer ball together.

I know that he is only five and that his allegiances will probably shift over the years, especially as the rebelliousness of youth enters in a few years.  But it feels strange that in this season of all seasons, a season of such frustration and poor results, that it would be this season that wins over a new generation of Union fandom in my family.  Now on to the rhyming recap...

The teams arrived at RBA, ready for the game
A win was certain for the Bulls, with Philly playing lame
Union players never knew the taste of victory
With wins at Red Bulls home field turf a distant fantasy

With players out and recent form a gloomy future-cast
Somehow it was the Union who made Red Bulls look harassed
But in the first the Red Bulls took the game to Philly’s D
Who bent but did not break nor did young Brian Silvestre

Two shots went off the post which made New Yorkers feel the heat
The Red Bulls couldn’t score- somehow the U could still compete!
Then in the second half it was the U who pulled away
A goal in fifty-seven came from clever shooting play

Maidana shot at goal but Vincent snapped a back heel flick
Philly was now up by one and more was coming quick

Five minutes more in sixty-two another Union goal!
Fabinho’s cross and CJ’s shot put Philly in control

But New York wasn’t out and then with sixteen minutes left
Sylvestre stopped a shot that must have felt like highway theft
The whistle blew and both teams knew the U had won the day
New York just couldn’t finish, it was quite a poor display

Now miracle of miracles this year once left for dead
Could see the Union playoff bound if they just keep their heads
The Eastern Conference is a mess, but that could be a blessing
The U could see the playoffs in a year that’s so depressing

The U just need to keep this up, is there a fighting chance?
Is one step forward five steps back the best way to advance?
With three wins now it is a start which I will gladly take
Let’s keep momentum building now- just please don’t hit the brakes!