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Transfer Talk: Richard Foster and Jon Daly

Not one but two transfer rumors concerning the Philadelphia Union have surfaced. But should fans be excited? Let's take a look.

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A rumor surfaced on the BBC's website that Rangers FC defender Richard Foster had been identified by the Philadelphia Union as a possible transfer target during the summer transfer window.

"Richard Foster, the right-back who has just returned to action following a hernia problem, is the latest Rangers player to be targeted by Philadelphia Union, the Major League Soccer club also being linked with striker Jon Daly. (Daily Express, print edition)"

I spoke with a friend of mine who happens to be the original publisher of Rangers Report - a Rangers FC blog. He had this to say about the duo:

Richard Foster has the attributes you'd want in a right back....quick, fit, willing to push play up the flank, can make the random quality cross.  Unfortunately, you only really notice those attributes sporadically.  He really is universally seen by supporters as a truly poor player.  This appraisal seems to follow him - in a friendly a couple of years ago against his former team Bristol City he was booed whenever he touched the ball.  I think management has been blinded by his attributes & supporters have been tainted by his actual performance which often is horrible.

Jon Daly was once a true handful for center-backs, mostly due to his aerial dominance.  However, by the time he got to Rangers his knees were shot.  He scored regularly in the first half of the 2013-14 season - but it was evident to everyone (but the manager) that he was breaking down physically.  His production dipped & he became statuesque up front -- minimal movement & never seemed to make runs to play off other players.  Our manager stubbornly kept playing him which led to more damage to his knees.  He actually said that he thought that Daly was only fatigued but in actuality his knee needed repair.  This led to Daly missing the beginning of the season & he never really earned his way back into the lineup.  He has made a bunch of substitute appearances & has looked good at times but given the team's struggles this season the fact that he only has five starts is telling.  If anything I would assume that this rumor was started by his agent in effort to drum up interest in Daly.

If there's something the Union doesn't need at the moment (besides another goalkeeper), it's a right back and an aging striker who can't go a full 90. For Foster, I feel that between Sheanon Williams and Ray Gaddis being a 1-1a tandem, the Union are set for a while at the right back position. Even if they were to lose one or the other due to a trade, there'd still be little reason to bring in someone new when there's already a perfectly suitable player at the position that doesn't eat an international slot. As for Daly, I don't see the need for another Conor Casey since the Union already has the original Conor Casey - especially for the price Daly would command (not to mention the use of another international slot). If you're selling these rumors, I'm not buying.