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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - D.C. United 0

I admit I didn't see this one coming.

Our little Pfeffer is growing up.  And can already grow more facial hair than I can.
Our little Pfeffer is growing up. And can already grow more facial hair than I can.
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

I absolutely believe Zach Pfeffer should have been on that US U-20 team.  I was quite disappointed when he was left off the list, but I have to say that I am very thankful he was there against D.C. United.  As someone commented on this site, the Philadelphia Union need every able-bodied man out there right now.  And somehow, the Union turned in a performance that no one expected: out-possessing the Eastern Conference leaders, out-passing them, out-shooting them, not allowing a single shot on goal - this was not your average 2015 league game for the Union!  Huzzah!

Philly won a soccer game!
Three points that they can fin’ly claim
A temporary douse of flames
By winning at their home

D.C. came in playing great
Unbeaten then for their last eight!
A road win certain at this rate
But had to play the game

With ‘Nando, C.J. out a few
Casey started for the U
Many chances (none went through)
He gave United sweats

A Casey goal was not allowed
A hand-ball silenced the home crowd
But Union players were unbowed
And kept the chances coming

Minute fifty brought a chance
That almost saw D.C. advance
Alas the post sent it askance
The game still tied at naughts

Chances for the U rained down
But couldn’t find their way around
The keeper for this D.C. Town
It seemed a tie was sure

But stoppage time brought an attack
That ended with a happy Zach
The goal gave D.C.U. a smack
And home fans were elated

Was this win a bit of luck?
Will winning stay, or will they suck?
This season still has run amok
But I will take the win!