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Union Fail To Land Player In Top 50 MLS Player Poll

No Philadelphia Union player placed in a recent poll of the top 50 MLS players. Is that an indictment on the team talent or more representative of their terrible start?

Aristeguieta ranked the 53rd best player in MLS in a recent poll
Aristeguieta ranked the 53rd best player in MLS in a recent poll
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

American Soccer Analysis conducted a poll of MLS insiders and released the top 50 players in MLS on Friday. The respondents included front office personnel, current and former players, journalists, league analysts, and other MLS experts. The Philadelphia Union failed to place a single player in the top 50, with Fernando Aristeguieta getting closest at #53. No other team failed to have a player on the list. You can read the full ranking here.

There was no criteria provided to the pollsters. Each was left to their own devices to determine how best to compare goalkeepers to defenders to midfielders to forwards. Not surprisingly offensive minded players dominate the list. Nine of the final ten players are either forwards or attacking midfielders with the lone exception being Michael Bradley. Overall ten goalkeepers and defenders made the full list.

The poll was taken during the Union's worst start in franchise history, which no doubt influenced the pollsters to some degree. The question remains, would the Union have a few players on the list if they were playing at a higher level? If not, then this list stands as something of an indictment of the talent on this team and price they are paying for it.

American Soccer Analysis will repeat the poll periodically and update the results.