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Top four Philadelphia Union moments against DC United

We polled the staff here about the top Philadelphia Union moments against D.C. United. Here's our top four.

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Since the Philadelphia Union face off on Sunday against their rivals-that-admit-to-being-their-rivals, we look back at some of our favorite moments against D.C. United.

Colin Campbell: The 3-2 first ever win. Thats what I think of when I think DCvsPHI

First ever home match at the Linc, and Sebastien Le Toux scores a hat trick.

Doug Gobrecht: The 3-2 win in 2011 sticks out for me. Both teams fighting for a playoff spot, Le Toux scores twice immediately, DC get two back and Farfan dissects the entire DC XI to score a screamer.

Classic Union win. I want to say this match also featured the infamous "Charlie Davies moving van tifo".

Andrew Stoltzfus: The Eric Shertz moment of silence and memorial tailgate.
Barry Evans: The Shertz tailgate, everyone singing "We All Hate Red Bull", and then watching the Screaming Eagles try bear fights.

A fitting tribute to a great friend. The Sons of Ben and Screaming Eagles are doing it again this year, too.

John Rossi: The 1-1 draw at RFK in 2012 was pretty exciting. That was the match where De Rosario made a penalty kick in the final minutes, but had it called back because of encroachment. Branko Boskovic (!) was sent off right after, then DeRo missed the retake. There were two more red cards in the last five minutes, then there were a number of fights after the final whistle. I'll never forget that.

Mayhem at RFK. My favorite match as well - any time you can piss off a team so bad they start fighting one another, you're doing it right.

What are your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments section below!