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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 0 - Whitecaps 3

Poetry Corner Kicks: this is getting old.

Vancouver lets Philly play with the ball for a few minutes.
Vancouver lets Philly play with the ball for a few minutes.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

This year’s Philadelphia Union is the kind of team that makes the history books. Unfortunately, not in the ways we would hope for. At this rate, it seems wholly possible that the Union may out-do the tragic 2013 D.C. United season (3-24-7). Looking at the rest of the schedule, do we really think the Union can win two more games? I guess we will see. For now, let’s do the recap...

Historically bad, historically sad
Historical ‘neptitude making us mad
How can a team sink much lower than this?
The Whitecaps will help push them in the abyss
First Wenger would shoot the ball straight at the keeper
It’s just what he does, his aim can’t get much weaker
Pedro then beat the U’s terrible D
The rout was soon on (which we all could foresee)
Rivero o’ertook the orange-cone-mannered White
And shot home the goal to the home fans’ delight
A moment of silence for goalies in Philly
The management’s making them all look so silly
A back four that cannot keep others away
They isolate goalies to ruin their days
Back to the game with just twelve minutes left
Richie was carded, the U were bereft
Mattocks then scored, breaking all Edu’s ankles
Vancouver could cheer but the U-fans were rankled
Another big loss and the U are in shambles
They’re reaching for straws, their strategies scrambled
Will Sak take his leave or will he place the blame
On others who make them lose game after game?
The fans are unsettled, their mettle is tested
Will any change come unless it is protested?