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Welcome to the hate club, NYCFC


New York's all right if you like saxophones
New York's all right if you like saxophones
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

"27 championships bro!"

"Yo, how many Super Bowls do the Eagles have?"

Raise your hand if you're a Philadelphia sports fan (everyone all at once) and have heard either of these phrases at some point in your life.

Hey NY fans, find another line to use!

We know that pipsqueak Eli Manning has 2 Super Bowls (thanks a lot, David Tyree). We are aware that those Bronx Bums have 27 World Series titles. You don't have to bring that up every time someone throws an insult your way, it gets old.

This is why it's perfectly fine to hate Manchester City B, I mean New York City FC, a team who could become the Philadelphia Union's newest rival once this Saturday and next Thursday roll around for the first meetings ever between the two sides.

At least this Saturday the game will be played at an ACTUAL SOCCER STADIUM! That's right, the fact that NYCFC is playing in Yankee Stadium makes me sick, and is another reason to hop aboard the hate train. Part of me (or all of me) hopes that David Villa goes to take a shot, and just catches his foot and takes out a whole hunk of the outfield grass. How great would a beef be between them and the Yankees? Villa vs Jacoby Ellsbury, Jason Kreis vs Joe Girardi, Mix Diskerud and Ned Grabavoy vs A-Roid.

I feel bad because I'm a fan of Villa and what he's achieved over his career, but it's just not in my blood to care for him when he throws on that Manchester City jersey... oh wait, that's just NYC's jersey, which is basically a carbon copy of City's. Yes, I know both teams have the same sponsor and basically same ownership group, but come on. You're telling me this was the best option available for a new jersey for a new team? Hate.

Then there is the legend Frank Lampard, whose inevitable arrival to NYC will surely spark a major increase in viewers of the MLS.. Why do you do this Frank? Going from Chelsea (to Man City) to NYCFC is like going from the New England Patriots to the New York Giants. Sorry Frank, to the hate list you go.

Finally, there are the people of Noo Yawk. The ones who use those quotes above, and the ones who switch from team-to-team when one team isn't playing great and another is making a playoff run. Yankees aren't doing good? All aboard the Matt Harvey/Mets train. Knicks ain't doing too hot? BROOOOOKLYN. NYCFC isn't doing well? That Red Bull team is still called New York, right? DESPISE IT.

All of these reasons are why PPL Park better be rockin' Saturday afternoon in support of the Union. No, they're not playing well right now, but what better way to get your first win of the season than with a victory at home over Villa and Co.