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Meet the Trialist: Facundo Coria

Philadelphia Union reported to have Argentine attacking midfielder in on a trial, reports CBS3's Kevin Kinkead.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Argentine attacking midfielder Facundo Coria is currently on trial with the Philadelphia Union, according to CBS3's Kevin Kinkead:

The 27 year old midfielder most recently played for Argentinos Juniors of the Argentinian Primera Division.

Much like goalkeeper Rais M'Bolhi, Coria has found it difficult to find a permanent home, having played for seven teams in four separate countries over his eight year professional career. But despite his journeyman-like track record, Coria has been able to find pockets of success, mainly when playing with Argentinos Juniors.

Over his 43 appearances with the Argentinian club, Coria was able to tally five goals, eight assists. He even received a red card least season, so that means he would fit in well with our current crop of attacking midfielders. It also appears he hasn't scored a goal or notched an assist since 2010, which is probably not good for an attacking midfielder. That also explains why he’s on trial with the Union, who have been poor at best and a dumpster fire at worst.

If Coria were to make the team, it would likely be as a third choice attacking midfielder or depth on the wing, since he has the ability to play on the left. With the various injuries and suspensions currently plaguing this team, maybe Coria could represent some much needed depth - or he could be this year's iteration of Gilberto.