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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - SKC 3

Poetry Corner Kicks needs a diversion

Get used to that feeling Rais.
Get used to that feeling Rais.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

That was spectacular.  Spectacularly lousy, inept, and perhaps worst of all, spectacularly expected.  I laughed when the Union figured out how to lose so late in the game.  I laughed, but it was a humorless laugh.  Things are getting smelly here in Philadelphia Union territory and I’d prefer not to linger here.  So I’ll do a quick summary and then maybe we can talk about some nicer things that happened this past weekend, what do you say?

A bunch of guys scored a bunch of goals
The Union lost and Sporting won
Stoppage strikes killed Philly souls
Let’s try to find something more fun
How about the Easter break?
With choc’late, bunnies, and pastels
Spring arrived, the cold to shake
And bid the Winter fond farewells
Best to think upon these things
The candy and the shining sun
‘Cause thoughts about the Union sting
And leave you feeling shocked and stunned
We saw another late collapse
Again the Union dropped the ball
But maybe this will help perhaps:
Jellybeans!  Springtime!  Eggs for all!
Diversion now a basic need
For fans of Philly five games in
These late-game goals the Union bleed
Are now the norm to our chagrin
Curtin? Sak? Or maybe players?
Who has led our run of form?
What has been the Union slayer
To make these losses now the norm
Perhaps it’s all of the above
With blood upon their soccer hands
Who dares us to fall out of love
One thing I know- it’s not the fans
No more talk of Union stuff
Let’s talk instead of yellow Peeps
Those sugar-coated ‘mallow fluffs
That coat our tongues and throat and teeth
Easter, springtime, buddings trees
Warmer temps and spring-y showers
When sad it’s best to think on these
Before your thoughts turn soccer sour