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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Crew 4

The Union tell (not so) funny jokes.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

You’re kidding, right?  Was this a joke?  Are the Philadelphia Union comedians now?  Here’s a run-down of the not-so-funny jokes they told when they played Columbus Crew SC on Saturday...

What is the diff’rence ‘tween U and the Crew?
How ‘bout three goals and a goalie to boot!

Why did the Crew let the Union come play?
They needed a scrimmage to prep their next game!

What is Kamara’s new nickname in Crew-town?

Who’s the best player combining with Finlay?
His name is Fabinho, who plays defense thinly!

When is a save not a save but a goal?
When Meram is "saved" by McCarthy’s "control!"

Why did the Crew let Ayuk toll the bell?
They wanted the U to feel they’re doing well!

Why did the U make the fourth goal mistake?
They wanted to strengthen the case for A. Blake!

Why do the Union keep playing these games?
To watch the fans burn in PPL flames.

The Union are flopping at increasing rates.
I’m glad that this league will not soon relegate!