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Sakiewicz sighting in Bournemouth

The Philadelphia Union's CEO was indeed in England watching AFC Bournemouth beat Bolton to all but secure promotion to the Premiership. But what was he doing there?

Nick Sakiewicz in Bournemouth
Nick Sakiewicz in Bournemouth
Jeff Livezey/Philadelphia Union UK Fan Group

By now everyone's probably seen the video of AFC Bournemouth chairman Jeff Mostyn going absolutely crazy and getting spanked/ball tapped after Bournemouth's win against Bolton that all but secured their place in the Premiership next season. If you haven't, here you go:

What you may or may not have seen though was a man who looked a lot like the Philadelphia Union's CEO Nick Sakiewicz in the box with Mostyn earlier in the match.

I reached out to the Union and a public relations representative confirmed that it was indeed Sakiewicz there in Bournemouth with Mostyn; however, the rep also said that "Sakiewicz has a lot of connections with teams overseas and that Bournemouth extended a personal invite."

Now the Union have repeatedly stated that Sakiewicz isn't involved in player personnel decisions, so it's unclear why he'd be there or why the club would extend him an invite. We'd love to hear why you think he was there - let us know in the comments section below!