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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - NYCFC 1

Poetry Corner Kicks asks: Who was that masked man?

Our masked hero
Our masked hero
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few days after a late goal gave the Philadelphia Union all three points, another late goal gives them a road point.  Finally the late goals seem to be going the Union’s way.  The goal came from a mystery man- cloaked in mystique and shrouded in substitutionalism – the masked man from the bench!  This mysterious man with a mask appeared from the sidelines to bring hope to a city that had been running low as of late.  His goal in the 86th minutes brought cheers from the players on the field causing visiting fans to wonder aloud, "Who was that masked man?"

The Union’s season had been dark
With many a loss and tie
The last game brought some hope to bear
And joy came to our eyes
But long has been the Union’s road
Their record has been grim
Many times hope has been giv’n
Just to be killed again
So on the road in Yankee-ville
Against Man City Two
The fans were cautious in their hope
Would luck stay with the U?
Many shots were traded by
Both teams on either end
But New York’s early dominance
Did not good things portend
Mehdi found the net for them
In minute fifty-seven
The shot had sped around the ‘keep
A deadly curling weapon
The sky-blue fans were cheering loud
The dark blue fans were down
It seemed they’d leave as losers from
This infant soccer town
But hope would spring from Union fans
A hero had appeared
The home team was aghast at him
His mask struck them with fear
When Chaco’s long ball found the box
And Edu’s header fell
Our hero found the bouncing ball
And struck it hard and well
The U had tied and earned a point
Just minutes from the whistle
A masked man gave a point to us
To stay the U’s dismissal
Just in a few short days from now
The U will play again
Will man-in-mask appear there too?
Who’ll play the hero then?
Who’ll score the goals and get the points
Who’ll help the fans to "DOOP"?
I’m glad as long as Philly wins
Just please don’t play like...