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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - NYCFC 1

Poetry Corner Kicks: the Union get their win.

The battlefield.
The battlefield.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Union have a win!  "O frabjous day!  Callooh!  Callay!"  The Union have slain the evil predator known as The Losing Streak.  It had been taking its toll on players and fans alike, but was finally defeated with goals from Vincent Nogueira and Zach Pfeffer’s butt.  The battle it seemed was never against the expansion NYCFC, but rather against losing itself.  Let’s take a look at the battle as it played out...

The army of the Union was a weary, beaten lot
Many scars and bruises showed from battles that they’d fought
Today the sun was shining twas an omen in their favor
The U’s resolve and confidence and sureness did not waver
Possession was a battle that the U would largely lose
Concessions made to win the game against those in sky blue
Then in twenty-seven Seba’s cross went through the scrum
Ayuk shot the ball and it went off of Pfeffer’s bum
The butt-shot scored, the U were up, the score was one to none
But Villa is a clever one the game was far from done
In minute fifty-five the game was made one goal apiece
N.Y. got behind the U and Villa was released
Saunders came up big when he had leapt to save Sapong
Grabavoy hit crossbar and the follow up went wrong
Shots were traded back and forth and neither team would score
But in the ninety-second Vincent pounded down the door
The crowd went nuts and left their seats ebullient and proud
Finally they left a game without the losing cloud
The smoke would clear at last to show the Union won the day
Let’s hope they keep it up this week when next they play away!