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John McCarthy's heartfelt interview is amazing

Philadelphia fans often use "passionate" to describe their fervor for their team. Today, John McCarthy embodied that passion.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Much like the chants that rang throughout the stadium as play started proclaimed, John McCarthy is one of us.

The story is the stuff of legend. The Philly kid gets pressed into service after the number one goalkeeper is asked to leave and the number two is still nursing an injury. He's got a patchwork team in front of him, and a rival coming to town - a rival from New York with the big names. No one would have batted an eye if the Union dropped yet another game.

But the kid from Cinnaminson was up to the task. He played valiantly, and while he wasn't perfect he was good enough to get the Union their first win this season. And afterward, he was interviewed because this is the sort of story that everyone loves.

You can hear the emotion in his voice. He may or may not have realized that his story is the kind of feel-good narrative that we all needed, but I'm sure he could feel the energy from the crowd - a crowd that until today hadn't had much to cheer for.

One of us.