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Exploring the Tailgates at PPL Park

Union games aren't the only place you can find tailgating, but it might just be the most unique tailgating experience around.

Some of the Brotherly Game folks, Colombian contigent, and other awesome people.
Some of the Brotherly Game folks, Colombian contigent, and other awesome people.

Nothing makes a Philadelphia Union game better than a fantastic pre-game tailgate! I don't know about all of you but even if the team is performing less than desirably I still find solace with my friends either post or pre-game and they remind me why being a Union fan is so special. I've been going to the games since season one and through this have made friends that have become family. Three tables ay my wedding in 2013 had Union fans filling them!

With the announcement of a deal being reached between the owners and the player's union, I began to think about my pre-game tailgate plans. Everyone who regularly attends has their own unique traditions that they partake in at tailgate.

If you are new to the Union scene or have been going for a while and are just shy, I can help you out with where to start to meet some amazing people and have good times before Union games.

The most famous place to start is obviously the Sons of Ben tailgates. These guys know how to party. If you still have no plans, you can always stop by the Stache Bash that they are holding. This is a tailgate not only to kick off the season in style, but also to raise money for the Philadelphia Unified Soccer of Special Olympics. You don't have to be a member to go, but you do need to buy your tickets in advance. They will have food, beverage, raffles, and other shenanigans. It's totally worth stopping by.

There's also the Bearfight Brigade that you will see around the same location as the Sons of Ben. If you don't know what a "Bear Fight" is, I suggest you stop by the long table with lots of people huddling around it and see. You won't regret it.

If a large, more organized tailgate is not your thing, don't worry. You can just walk around any of the lots of see tons of people set up with grills, tents, games, and music. Union fans are amazingly friendly people. Just walking around and talking to people is an experience. Also, if you want a real treat, look for the large RV at the beginning of the paved portion of Lot B (beginning of old Lot C). Here you will find a massive Colombian contingency of Union supporters. These guys really bring a festive air to the tailgate scene--from salsa music, to homemade soup, to (lots) of shots of tequila and Aguardiente, you'll feel like you came home to a family. These guys are incredibly welcoming and you can learn so much about soccer in South and Central America from them.

So what are some of your tailgate traditions and plans? I want to hear them! Let me know below.

I'll see you all at PPL on Saturday!