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A Hot Takes Preview of 2015

We asked the Brotherly Game staff to chime in with the most scorching takes they could muster, and they did not disappoint.

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Now that the CBA has been settled, we can focus all of our attention on the 2015 MLS Season, which starts today. Since we are a Union blog, we thought we dish out some bold predictions about the hometown team

Our first takes come from takemaster Andrew Stoltzfus, who fired off three takes hot enough to melt all the snow in PPL Park. Here they are:

  1. Rais M'Bolhi is in the goalkeeper of the year discussion, but loses to an American.
  2. This is the last year Vincent Nogueira plays for the Union.
  3. Austin Berry won't play in MLS again.

Justin F. - The Philadelphia Union will make the playoffs.

Barry Evans - Ray Gaddis makes the All-Star Game.

Frank Cobbina - Sebastien Le Toux will no longer be a member of the Union's best XI by season's end. When the summer transfer window rolls around the #1 need on everyone's mind will be centerback.

Douglas Gobrecht - We acquire a second Fernando and our current Fernando and the new Fernando become a dynamic scoring duo dubbed, "Between Two Ferns."

Jason Kates - Aristeguieta will be top five in scoring this year.

Eugene Rupinski - Andrew Wenger will receive a USMNT call-up this year.

Matt Albaugh - The Union earn a CCL spot.

Heather Reppert - Jim Curtin wins the Coach of the Year Award.

Nicholas Youngstein - Andrew Wenger will finish second in scoring. Antoine Hoppenot earns a penalty with one of his flops. (Note: Nick included seven fire emojis in his original comment, so I just wanted to make sure the heat emanating from this take is not understated.)

Colin Campbell - Fernando Aristegueita will be top five in scoring, and Le Toux and Maidana will be in the top five in assists. Wenger will move to Europe in the summer window.

Jared Young - Cristian Maidana will score eight goals.

Me - Chaco will lead the league in assists.

What are your hot takes? Let us know in the comments.