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2015 Edition of Brotherly Game Predictions

With a strike avoided by the last minute CBA agreement, it is now time to turn our attention to the 2015 season. A few of the Brotherly Game contributors took a stab at predicting what might happen this year.

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I posed a number of questions about the upcoming season to a group of Brotherly Game contributors to see how they expect this season to go, both for the Union and around the league. The contributors that you will be hearing from are Matt Albaugh, Douglas Gobrecht, John Rossi, Barry Evans, Colin Campbell, and myself. Remember to join in the conversation with your own predictions at the bottom of the page after reading through ours. Let us know who seems like the brightest member of staff and who has lost their minds!

Philadelphia Union:

Scoring Leader:

Matt Albaugh: Aristeguieta - strong, tall, and finishes well in the box
Douglas Gobrecht: Aristeguieta - 13 with service from Maidana and from the wings, he could get more
John Rossi: Aristeguieta - Seems to be a good finisher, and he should get plenty of opportunities to prove it
Barry Evans: Aristeguieta - He is going to be the focal point of the attack and seems to know how to get goals
Colin Campbell: Fernando. Duh. 4 goals in 3 games with a brand new club speaks for itself
Andrew Stoltzfus: FERNANDO! - he has to right?

Assist Leader:

Albaugh: Maidana - Showcased passing ability last season, expect much of the same this year
Gobrecht: Maidana - 15 Not only a new forward to have fun with, expect a breakout year from Wenger to pad Maidana's stats
Rossi: Maidana - He had 11 assists in 1889 minutes last season, so it's pretty safe to say he'll lead the team in assists
Evans: Maidana - Should get assists from corners and free kicks, and with a clever striker up front the run of play too
Campbell: Tie between LeToux and Maidana - They both will be contributing to Nando's goal tally while scoring a few of their own, but look for balls played primarily by them
Stoltzfus: Maidana - this is his year to shine

Newcomer of the Year:

Albaugh: Aristeguieta - The DP striker we wanted will live up to expectations
Gobrecht: Vitoria - Aristeguieta will score, but Vitoria will be a huge addition to a surprisingly solid backline
Rossi: Aristeguieta - He'll score at least a dozen goals
Evans: Vitoria - will get goals, and hold the defense together
Campbell: Aristeguieta - He doesn't have too much competition on the Union, honestly
Stoltzfus: Fernando - if you score goals here you're going to be a star

Player of the Year:

Albaugh: Wenger - He will excel on the left wing and contribute a high number of goals and assists
Gobrecht: Maidana - The center of all scoring, Maidana is irreplaceable in the line up and joins the conversation of best Argentine number 10 in MLS
Rossi: Maidana - We'll see Good Chaco much more often than we'll see Bad Chaco this year
Evans: Nogueira - With more quality around him he will shine, with less pressure
Campbell: Wenger - Tough call, I think he'll contribute both offensively and defensively, being a top 3 goal scorer and a top 3 assister.
Stoltzfus: Maidana - first in assists, second in goals, and a finalist for league MVP

League-wide Predictions:


Albaugh: David Villa - He has a proven goal scoring record and will add to his tally in MLS
Gobrecht: Kaka - Carrying Orlando on his back, will make the team around him look like superstars
Rossi: Mauro Diaz - He'll drive a dangerous Dallas attack that will lead them to the Western Conference title
Evans: Michael Bradley - Toronto are finally going to get into the playoffs and with his USMNT buddy Altidore to feed, he will be MVP
Campbell: Clint Dempsey - he won't have the best season, but MLS will suck up to the US hero
Stoltzfus: Clint Dempsey - Seattle is on a mission and he's the main man

Scoring Title:

Gobrecht: Sebastien Giovinco - almost far too good for MLS, he'll explode for 20 goals
Rossi: Jozy Altidore - has no choice but to win the scoring title given the midfield behind him
Evans: David Villa - There will be goals galore in all NYCFC games, and especially when Lampard arrives, Villa will get space to score barrow loads
Campbell: Gyasi Zardes - He'll turn it on toward the end of the season when LA has Steven Gerrard added to their lineup
Stoltzfus: Jozy Altidore - Toronto is going to be in a lot of high scoring games

Higher Finishing Expansion Side:

Albaugh: NYCFC - Excellent coach, and high quality players in a weak Eastern Conference
Gobrecht: Orlando City - Good chemistry, superstar player and a couple solid young guns
Rossi: Orlando City - chemistry will win out
Evans: Orlando City - better all around team, and will get more points
Campbell: Orlando City - they actually have their DPs playing for them
Stoltzfus: NYCFC - the late arrival of Lampard will put them over the top

Supporters Shield Winner:

Albaugh: Seattle Sounders - They're too good to bet against
Gobrecht: Seattle Sounders - Not much has changed and there won't be enough from around the league to compete
Rossi: Columbus - will take advantage of their weak conference opponents
Evans: Seattle Sounders - They will be out of the gate fast and stay strong throughout
Campbell: Seattle Sounders - if they don't earn it, they'll buy it
Stoltzfus: New England Revolution - the West is scary and will beat each other up with New England dominates the East

Other Conference Winner:

Albaugh: New England Revolution - Last season's MLS Cup runners up still have the best team in a weak Eastern conference
Gobrecht: New England Revolution - Again, not enough competition from other teams puts them on top
Rossi: FC Dallas - nothing is impossible under Pareja
Evans: New England Revolution - good young team with plenty of depth should see them take the far poorer league
Campbell: New England Revolution - they are solid and have the missing piece that was lacking last season, a great goal scorer, which they added with Juan Agudela
Stoltzfus: Seattle Sounders - they're on a mission, but it won't be pretty

US Open Cup Final:

Albaugh: FC Dallas beats RSL 3-2
Gobrecht: Philadelphia Union 2-1 Orlando City, we want it bad and the Union will get their shot again. 2016-17 CCL here we come!
Rossi: Portland beats New England 2-0
Evans: Portland winning at Red Bull Arena 3-1
Campbell: Philadelphia Union over DC United - Union will be focused on winning this more than MLS, after coming so close last year
Stoltzfus: Philadelphia Union over Orlando City - West teams will be preoccupied with a strong conference playoff race to bother with USOC

MLS Cup Final:

Albaugh: Seattle beats Columbus
Gobrecht: Seattle Sounders 2-0 DC United - although I think they're due for a letdown, DC United scrape their way to the MLS Cup in a sloppy Eastern conference. Seattle make it and takes it.
Rossi: Vancouver beats New England 3-1
Evans: LA Galaxy beat Toronto 2-0
Campbell: LA over Toronto - hate to say it, but LA will push again because half way through the season Keane will announce retirement so they'll push to make sure he goes out a champion. Toronto making it to the MLS finals rests on Altidore actually doing well with Toronto
Stoltzfus: Seattle Sounders over Philadelphia Union - There I said it. We're going to make it out of the East and have a chance at winning the double this you didn't expect to hear that! Join the bandwagon while you can!