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Newcomers get numbers

Some pretty interesting ones here.

Dammit, Fred.
Dammit, Fred.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Union have made five acquisitions this off-season, and four of them have just been assigned their numbers.

CJ Sapong wore number 17 during his time with Sporting Kansas City, and he's decided to get the same digits on the back of his Union kit. 17 isn't really the most desired number, but it seems to hold some sort of significance for Sapong, who has worn it since his rookie year.

Steven Vitoria will don number 23 this season. Just trying to be Like Mike.

Fernando Aristeguieta chose to put 18 on his back, taking a number usually worn by back-up goalkeepers. Zac MacMath had the number 18 jersey since his rookie year in 2011.

Goalkeeper John McCarthy will wear 55. Goalkeepers are known for being pretty weird, so it shouldn't be a surprise that McCarthy will wear an unorthodox number. M'Bolhi's number is 92, for what it's worth.

McCarthy wore 77 in Rochester, and his Twitter handle is @jmacdaddy77. So why didn't he get the same number on his Union kit? Someone already took it. Yes, Fred took John McCarthy's number months before he even signed. Way to go, Fred. It's worth noting that this change allowed Maurice Edu to grab the #8 kit.

While his number has not yet been announced, newly signed Dzenan Catic wore 19 in preseason.