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Zach Pfeffer and the case of the first career red card

Our first homegrown player is all grown up, earning the praise of his coach and getting thrown out for reckless elbows. Here's a look at the reaction surrounding the biggest talking point of the FC Dallas loss.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

If you have been living under a rock this week and haven't seen the play, take a second and catch up.

The video doesn't show very well for Pfeffer. His elbow is definitely raised and swings towards the FC Dallas player's head. I don't think there is much arguing that the motion and the contact to the head is a red card. It is hard to see from the initial play in slow motion, but the replays show that he was leading with the elbow in a dangerous manner.

The reactions online ranged from supportive...

To disgusted...

With some attempts to reason thrown in as well...

Pfeffer took to social media himself to explain himself.

If I could tell the young midfielder one thing it is that he doesn't need to explain himself. Whatever you do, don't make it a habit. You started to show real promise this season making the leap from youth starlet to MLS roster contributor. You're one of us, a local kid and the fans are going to support you no matter what. Take this as a teachable moment, and next time strive be just a little more in control. The Sons of Ben have loved tough men like Danny Califf and Conor Casey who have their fair share of red cards for "mistimed" elbows, but if that isn't the player you want to be fine. Just don't feel the need to explain anything. Apologize for letting your teammates down, but no matter what you'll always be a favorite here.