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Poetry Corner Kicks - Union 0 - FCD 2

Poetry Corner Kicks' rose-colored glasses are broken.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

"That was turrible." – Charles Barkley.

The Philadelphia Union were undone by a RED card which had the Union fans seeing RED against the team in RED.  I’m sensing a theme here.  You know what?  In order to make it up to you for using a quote from such a disreputable source such and Sir Charles, let’s blatantly riff on someone slightly more reputable, the poet Allen Tate and his sonnet "Red Stains", which you can read first here to get the idea for the below...

In a raucous Philly where S.O.B.s reign
My team and FCD sat swapping shots
The game would turn with Pfeffer now red-stained
Thereafter Union efforts went for naught
With Unimas announcers who yelped loud
‘Twas Tesho scored to put the U down one
Fabinho’s blunder would deflate the crowd
But Dallas showed the world it wasn’t done
A second goal and Hoops’ lead opened wide
The Union still were quite a helpless team
Their red-card folly pushed the U astride
A destiny that they could not redeem
At last the game would end with blowing whistle
To finalize the Union’s stark dismissal