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Poetry Corner Kicks - Union 3 - RSL 3

The Union get CONCACAF'd. Again.

Allen Chapman.  The ref in question.
Allen Chapman. The ref in question.
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

That ref was awful.  In a game with six goals, it seems a shame that the story once again is officiating, but here we are.  Last week, we didn’t want to blame the loss on a ref that ended up being suspended for his poor officiating.  This week, we still don’t want to do that, but it is getting harder.  You know what?  I'm feeling pretty biased-fan right now, so let's blame the refs anyway...

Another game another tie
The Union will feel hard-done by
A case of poor officiating:
Once again infuriating
Shots from both teams missed their mark
But both teams’ offenses were sparked
Jav-Mo’s free kick was a beauty
He’s quite good at kick-ey shoot-ey
Fin’ly goals from Nando came
To bring the U back in the game
Luis Gil would then shoot wide
Olave scored- the game was tied
Just a few short minutes hence
Maidana unlocked their defense
His cross tried setting up a goal
And RSL just lost control
The clearance botched, you will agree
The Union now had goals of three
But just as if to spite the U
The ref had one more thing to do
A penalty inside the box
With just mere minutes on the clock
Was called on Mo for phantom fouling
Leaving Union players howling
So ‘Varo buried his PK
And thus the game would end that way
Once again the ref would blow
A call that every ref should know
The U had earned a good road point
But still it caused to disappoint
Next comes FCD to town
Here’s hoping ref’s don’t drag us down