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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 0 - Rapids 0

The Union season starts out high and wide.

Cold fans watch a cold start to the season.
Cold fans watch a cold start to the season.
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

As a fan of the Philadelphia Union, I was hoping that Fernando Aristeguieta would light it up.  As a poet who tries to employ rhyme and meter, I was dreading it.  What rhymes with Aristeguieta?  Fernando might be easier, but it is still a lot of syllables.  There was a post a while back about coming up with a nickname for him.  I really hoped something might come out of that, but alas, there was no consensus.  Now I have at least one week of reprieve.  But I hope to soon encounter this problem in spades.  For now, the start of the Union season was high and wide.

Excitement high, the temps were low
The teams were set to start the show
New players in with points to prove
And meshing well to find a groove
The first team that would fight the U
Was Colorado, game ensued
Unfortunately for the crew
That played the game in gold and blue
The many shots and strikes they struck
Just wouldn’t score; they had no luck
Mo and Wenger’s chances: High
Other shots would come out wide:
Chaco’s, Pfeffer’s, Seba’s nights
Would all go to the left or right
The U could not get goals they craved
With shots from Toux and Casey saved
High and wide and saved or parried
Hopes of Union fans were buried
Taking solace in the fact
The defense held up all attacks
Also good were chances taken
Now we simply need to make’em
Anti-climax for the start
But much too early to lose heart