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Philadelphia Union and MLS News and Notes 12-5-15

Hey Union fans! We're still eagerly awaiting the Union's post on their official moves but until that comes enjoy some quick news as well as a brief history lesson (it's not painful I swear).

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The heavy price MLS pays for not showing how it spends its money |

This article goes into one of the biggest issues with the MLS, the lack of transparency within the actual finances of the league. Commissioner Garber says,  "There's [Targeted Allocation Money] spending that's outside the budget, there's allocation money that's outside the budget, there's youth development spending that's outside the budget. We're spending infinitely more than the $4 million a club across all of our teams, even those that aren't spending a lot on designated players." but who knows where the money actually goes.

Sacramento looks like a viable city for expansion |

Just day's after Sacramento released stadium plans for if they were to get an MLS squad Don Garber spoke during his press conference on the state of the league saying that he views Sacramento as a viable option.

Exit the Fury: History of the Philadelphia Fury, Part Three | Philly Soccer Page:

Philly soccer page gives us a look into the history of soccer in Philadelphia. Up this week, The Philadelphia Fury (What a name am I right?).

And now for some Union history: watch as CJ Sapong scores the fastest goal in Union history! (Check out the scoreboard for a small screw up as well)