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Transfer rumors: Breaking down Bedoya, McFadden, and the others

Transfer rumors are swirling around the Philadelphia Union, with James McFadden, Colin Kazim-Richards, Alejandro Bedoya, and Fernando Aristeguieta all being linked to move to the Union. We give them all the sniff test to see how likely they are to come true.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With silly season firmly upon us, it's time to break out the ol' B.S. meter to sniff out how true a rumor is. The scale is simple - the more poop emojis, the more likely the rumor is a bunch of crap.

James McFadden - The ex-Scotland and current Motherwell striker trialed with the Union for two weeks last season, and has freely talked to the Scottish press about his desire to come to the Philadelphia Union after the New Year. He also ran the steps at the Art Museum, which is as good as signing a contract, no? 1 of 5

Colin Kazim-Richards - Rumors have surfaced lately linking the Turkish striker with the Union, however it all seemingly goes back to a lone unverified report. Still, Earnie Stewart is familiar with his body of work, and the Feyenoord striker would be a good addition to the Union. 2 of 5

Alejandro Bedoya - There was a lot of buzz surrounding Bedoya a few months ago, with a protracted contract fight with Ligue 1 side FC Nantes fuelling rumors that he was headed to the Union. Bedoya eventually signed with Nantes, however that hasn't slowed the rumors. He'd fit well in the Union's system, however it's not often players are moved so soon after signing a new contract. 3 of 5

Fernando Aristeguieta - While not technically a transfer rumor, there's a ton of speculation about Aristeguieta. He's returned to France after his loan stint, and has said that he's happy to stay with Nantes. I feel like the Union would be hard pressed to get him for another year, especially with how little time he saw in 2015. 5 of 5