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Union Academy in College: Three make postseason player rankings

Three former Union Academy members made the postseason top 100 College Player Rankings for upperclassmen and freshmen by

Maryland freshman Sebastian Elney, Penn State junior Connor Maloney and Georgetown senior Keegan Rosenberry topped the postseason top 100 freshmen and upperclassmen lists put out by

Elney checked in at No. 17 on the top 100 freshmen list after leading Maryland in goals in his rookie season. He added two assists in 21 games and 21 starts for the Terps.

Maloney, No. 54 on the upperclassmen list, led the Nittany Lions in goals for the second straight year with seven in 17 games and 17 starts. He added two assists in what was a disappointing 7-8-3 season in Happy Valley. Maloney was No. 8 in the preseason rankings and didn't appear in the midseason rankings.

Rosenberry, a player whose homegrown right have been denied the Union, was No. 65 on the upperclassmen list after completing his senior season. Rosenberry was No. 88 in the midseason rankings and No. 77 in the preseason ones.

Darius Madison, who recently finished his senior season at UMBC, was ranked No. 37 in the preseason and No. 58 in the midseason, but did not make the postseason top 100. He is reportedly still eligible to sign a homegrown deal with the Union, but was on the initial list of invitees to the MLS Combine released earlier this month.