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Report: Scotland international James McFadden to join the Union

The Motherwell forward tells the BBC that he's looking to come to Philadelphia to start 2016.

EuroFootball/Getty Images

In an interview with BBC Sport. 32 year old forward James McFadden indicated that he was coming to the Philadelphia Union to start the new year.

"Hopefully everything works out and I will be off to Philadelphia in the new year." James McFadden, to BBC Sport December 19, 2015

The ex-Scotland and current Motherwell forward has been rumored to be coming to the Union for quite some time, even trialing with the club back in October. With McFadden himself all but confirming the move however, it seems much more imminent now than in the past.

McFadden has played professionally since 2000, starting his career with Motherwell - a club he's now been with thee times. After his first stint with the club he moved to England, playing with Everton (twice), Birmingham City, and Sunderland before coming back to Motherwell. He also spent time with St. Johnstone  - his last club before his (last) short stint with Motherwell - scoring one goal in 16 Scottish Premier League games.

He has also represented Scotland on the international stage, being capped 48 times and scoring 16 goals. He represented Scotland in the 2006 and 2010 World Cup qualifying rounds