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The Philadelphia Union haven't signed anyone, and that's okay

Sure, it'd be much better for our collective sanity if the Union did something, however doing nothing may be the smarter play in the long run.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Both rounds of the 2015 Re-Entry Draft have come and gone, and for the second straight year the Philadelphia Union passed on all available players. With a bare-bones roster totaling only 13 players, many surmised that this draft would be the mechanism in which Earnie Stewart and company would add some depth to their roster. Instead Stewart added no one, and that's completely fine.

First, the players that were available in round two were not as fantastic as some would lead you to believe. A large majority of the worthwhile players were either selected in round one, re-signed or traded. Sure, there were a handful of interesting players that had suffered injuries or a dip in form and could've been intriguing, but overall the remaining players were lackluster. Keep in mind, if the Union want to select any of the remaining players, they can do so still. It is still entirely possible that one or two players find their way on to the team as depth or a veteran presence.

Let us not forget the copious amount of Target Allocation Money that was bestowed upon every franchise. With more cap space and extra money to play with, the Union can seek to add options from abroad. As history has taught us, any big money acquisitions - especially those from overseas - will likely not arrive until January or February. Ideally, it would be nice to have any new players in by the time training camp starts. There is a large amount of roster turnover and the more time these players have to gel, the better.

We're less than two weeks removed from the end of the season and there is still so much time for moves to happen. Union players like Fabinho, Brian Carroll and Michael Lahoud are likely to be re-signed. The MLS SuperDraft is approaching in which the Union have two top-ten picks. If training camp and pre-season roll around and the Union still have 13-15 players on the roster, then it's okay to panic.