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2015 Union Player Review: Sebastien Le Toux

The Union talisman had a mixed bag of a season in 2015. He played more minutes than in 2014, but he notched eight goals and six assists, versus the previous season's twelve and seven.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

2015 Summary

The striker-turned-wing-midfielder had another solid season. He increased his club record for goals and assists to 48 and 45, respectively. He was second on the team in both categories this season. His boost in minutes from the previous season can be attributed somewhat to the drop in form of Andrew Wenger. Seba plays some on the left side of midfield as matter of course during matches, switching to attack a different matchup, so it wasn't wholly unfamiliar for him. His work rate is appreciated on any side of the field.

What Did He Do Right?

Le Toux was second on the team in scoring, his eight goals only bettered by CJ Sapong's nine. He doesn't miss penalties. I've tweeted a few times during the matches that the certainties in life are death, taxes, and Le Toux from the penalty spot. It may seem a cheap way to accumulate goals, but it's a massive letdown when a team earns a PK and doesn't convert.  Seba has yet to allow that to happen for Philadelphia. Seba was also Union's most outstanding player in USOC play down the stretch, scoring in both the semi-final and the final. Though the end result wasn't what we wanted, Le Toux converted his attempt in the penalty shootout against Sporting Kansas City.

What Did He Do Wrong?

His free kicks are still not good enough. He defers more to Cristian Maidana and now Tranquilo Barnetta more than he has in previous seasons, but he really should never take a free kick or a corner. He doesn't have great feel for passing accurately through the air. Also, in playing out of position, he finds himself not on the same page with his teammates. He'd like to run in towards goal, but many times, the flow of the play dictates that he stretch the field wide, so the pass will go there, and subsequently over the end line.

Most Memorable Moment

This was a tough decision between two goals he scored, both in US Open Cup matches. I'll go with his match-winner against Chicago in the semi-final.  It was a simple play, and a signature Seba goal; it involved both pretty and ugly play. He started the movement with the ball on the right wing. He passed it centrally to Brian Carroll to start a 1-2 play.  The play worked very well, but it was then intercepted by a Chicago defender. In typical Le Toux fashion, he won the ball back in the same momentum of the play, collected himself on a few touches cutting in from his wing, but then atypically shot with his left foot. The shot rolled inside the near post and beat Sean Johnson, who was magnificent that night. It gave Union the lead they deserved, and ended up being the goal that sent them to hosting the tournament's final match.