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Freddy Adu has a new gig

He's still playing soccer as far as we know.

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Just in case you found yourself wondering what Freddy Adu was up to these days, we have some exciting news for you - not only is he still (for now) playing soccer professionally for the (for now) Tampa Bay Rowdies, but he's also pitching Hoover vacuums via his twitter account.

If you weren't wondering what Freddy was up to these days, you're probably now at least wondering "What am I looking at? Why is Freddy vacuuming a tiny apartment? What's with the plastic tree in the plastic pot? What's he watching on television? Why is he vacuuming while watching television?"  There's so much going on in this picture - it's hard not to feel like you've triggered an acid flashback (or at very least a sense of bewilderment).

Whatever Freddy. Make that paper.