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Chaco Maidana would eat his teammates

Let's hope Chaco doesn't invite you over for dinner with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Union are doing a new series of interviews where they ask players about anything but soccer. Sounds innocuous enough, and midfielder Cristian Maidana was asked a few questions ranging from what activities he likes doing with his kids to his favorite movies.

One question though took the interview from lighthearted romp to kinda terrifying when Chaco was asked about if he team was on a deserted island, who would last the longest.

"If you were on a deserted island with the team, which player would live longest and who would die first?"

"I think Fabinho would die first because he is going to get hungry. He is always eating. I think I would survive the longest. Just like in a movie I saw, when everyone dies I will eat their meat. I think I would be able to withstand more time but who knows."

Holy schnikes. Let's hope the Union's team flights have plenty of snacks and survival gear, just in case...