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Pros and Cons on rooting for each team in the Eastern Conference in the postseason

With the Philadelphia Union officially eliminated from playoff contention, who should you root for in the Eastern Conference?

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The Philadelphia Union were eliminated from playoff contention on Saturday thanks to a 3-1 loss to Toronto FC. Alas, the playoffs will still go on as they have each of the past four seasons - without the Union. Someone has to win though right? Who should you root for from the Eastern Conference? Let's take a look at who's in and why you should and should not be pulling for them to win it all.

New York Red Bulls

2015 Record: 15-9-6
Last Playoff Appearance: 2014 (Lost to New England in the Conference Final)
Last MLS Cup Win: Never
Former Union Players: None

Pros: Maybe you like to see the ne'er do wells finally come out on top. Maybe you're a New Jerseyan at heart, or root for the team that's closest in geographical proximity. Maybe you lost a bet. The Red Bulls could be proof that the Union's preferred business model of drafting smart, homegrown talent, and good but not overpaid Designated Players can win a Cup.

Cons: Literally everything.

D.C. United

2015 Record: 14-12-6
Last Playoff Appearance: 2014 (Lost to New York Red Bulls in the Conference Semifinals)
Last MLS Cup Win: 2004
Former Union Players: Michael Farfan

Pros: While a rivalry has emerged between D.C. United and the Union, it's never been acrimonious like with the New York Red Bulls. We all hate Red Bull, but we kinda dislike United for 90 minutes and then it's kinda ok again. Also, they prove you can go from worst to first in a year (they did it in 2013-14), and if you're intent on seeing a playoff game, RFK isn't too far.

Cons: While the rivalry may be more friendly, they're still a rival. They still play in what the Sons of Ben once (accurately) referred to as a "condemned, infested dookyhole." And they still have more Farfans than the Union do. So much nope.

New England Revolution

2015 Record: 13-11-8
Last Playoff Appearance: 2014 (Lost to the LA Galaxy in the MLS Cup Final)
Last MLS Cup Win: Never
Former Union Players: Brad Knighton

Pros: Maybe this is finally the year that New England brings home an MLS trophy. The Buffalo Bills of MLS have lost five MLS Cups, and it would be good to see United States National Team players Jermaine Jones, Charlie Davies, Teal Bunbury, Juan Agudelo, and Lee Nguyen lift the trophy they were so close to grabbing last year.

Cons: Jermaine Jones made homophobic comments in 2004, the Krafts were named "Worst Owners in the League" by Boston Magazine last year, and their field will have American football lines on it for the New England Patriots. There really isn't a less likable team that are making the playoffs.

Columbus Crew SC

2015 Record: 13-11-8
Last Playoff Appearance: 2014 (Lost to the New England in the Conference Semifinals)
Last MLS Cup Win: 2008
Former Union Players: Jack McInerney

Pros: The Crew aren't a regional rival like New York or D.C., and their fans are nice. They were the first in MLS to have a soccer-specific stadium, and they finally got rid of that Clip-Art logo with the hard hat guys.

Cons: While there might not be a less likable team than the Revolution in the Conference, it's not because Columbus isn't trying. Kei Kamara spat toward the River End after scoring a goal the last time the Crew were here, and they have Jack McInerney whose antics were tolerated here in Philadelphia until he was sent packing to Montreal for being a disruption to the team.

Toronto FC

2015 Record: 14-13-4
Last Playoff Appearance: Never
Last MLS Cup Win: Never
Former Union Players: Chris Konopka

Pros: Another team in the conference that isn't a regional rival with fans that are just nice people, TFC is one of only three clubs (along with this year's crop of expansion clubs) to never have made the playoffs - something even the Union did once. United States captain Michael Bradley and his National Teammates Jozy Altidore and Herculez Gomez also play for TFC (along with Canadian MNT'ers Ashtone Morgan, Jonathan Osorio, Quillan Roberts, and Jordan Hamilton), and Sebastian Giovinco is undisputably the best player in the league right now.

Cons: They literally just eliminated the Union from the playoffs, and as futile as the Union have been, the one consolation is that at least they made the playoffs once and Toronto never has. They make the playoffs, and that goes away.

Montreal Impact

2015 Record: 12-12-6
Last Playoff Appearance: 2013 (Lost to the Houston Dynamo in the Knockout Round)
Last MLS Cup Win: Never
Former Union Players: Justin Mapp

Pros: If stars beget club and league legitimacy, Montreal is as legitimate as they come with Didier Drogba. They also have Laurent Ciman, who is one of the best players in MLS - however since he's a defender and plays in Montreal, is a virtual unknown to most of the rest of the league. And like the Union, the Impact have made the playoffs just once in their brief history.

Cons: The Impact were a joke of a club last season and made it to the CONCACAF Champions League by virtue of winning the Voyageurs Cup (Canada's Open Cup tournament). MLS then rewarded them taking last year off by giving them a favorable schedule so they could be rested up to face Mexican giants Club America in the CCL Final. Montreal was then embarrassed on their home turf 4-2, which gave MLS critics plenty of fuel.

So who ya got?

Before I go into anything, I know someone's going to say "What about Orlando City or New York City FC? They're not eliminated and it's mathematically possible that they can still make it!" When you have to qualify something as "mathematically possible" you're admitting whatever you're talking about is practically impossible. So really quick, you shouldn't like either team because no one should come in to the league and throw money around and expect to make the playoffs their first year - especially a team with Aurelien Collin or a team that seems hell-bent on proving every negative stereotype of MLS as true (retirement league for aging European stars, minor league soccer, etc.)

Personally, the only club that doesn't make me physically nauseous is Toronto FC so I'm most likely going to be pulling for them in the East. It sure as hell won't be NYRB, DCU, or New England. What about you? Let me know in the comments section below!