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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Toronto 3

Poetry Corner Kicks: The Union get creative in their losing.

The Union get pushed around again.
The Union get pushed around again.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Leave it to the Philadelphia Union to have its players score three more goals than their opponent and still lose.  Ray Gaddis, Steven Vitoria, and Richie Marquez (all defenders) were the goal-scorers in this affair that saw the Union lose 3-1 to Toronto FCJozy Altidore was the only visitor to score a goal directly.  Giovinco will get the credit for the one that went off of Gaddis’ back, but if not for that deflection, Blake was there to stop it.  It is just another loss in this disappointing season, but at least they figured out a more creative way to do it.  Let’s take a look…

Another loss for Philly
It’s getting kinda silly
Sixteen are now on the year as weather turns to chilly

Gio scored the first
To start their scoring burst
It bounced off Gaddis, beating Blake, it seemed the U were cursed

But Blake was standing tall
He tried to stop them all
On Gio’s free kick, Jozy’s shot, he acted like a wall

But sadly though for Blake
Our D was not awake
And let sir Jozy get all cozy, his goal a piece of cake

Then just three minutes later
Maidana, our creator,
Sent in a shot Vitoria got- it was a vindicator

Vindication fizzled
In BMO’s rainy drizzle
An own goal sent the fans alight, the atmosphere would sizzle

Again with zero points
The Union disappoint
Next is Red Bull in New Jersey, playing in their joint

But hope is slinking back
For Sakiewicz was sacked!
A proper CEO just might put Philly back on track

So though the Cup was lost
We’ll keep our fingers crossed
We hope the U can turn around regardless of the cost!