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Paid Their Dues - Rais M'Bolhi gives up five

Today's word is Schadenfreude.

Martin Rose/Getty Images

We know that no one wants to talk about Rais M'Bolhi. We know that just like Freddy Adu, Porfirio Lopez, and a whole bunch of other things from Nick Sakiewicz's reign of error, there's a bunch of bad things we'd much rather forget. And we're profoundly sorry for even bringing all of this back up.

But we're all about schadenfreude. We found video of M'Bolhi getting absolutely hammered at his new club Antalyaspor by Turkish giants Beşiktaş. It's glorious to see someone else suffering through the same sloppy goalkeeping that Union fans were forced to endure for about a season. Beşiktaş won the match 5-1, so there's five instances of M'Bolhi getting strung up for your viewing pleasure because goddammit it feels good to watch those we don't like fail miserably.

He played in a little tournament though, so I'm sure Antalyaspor will be happy with their new asset (until he goes in search of his next club).