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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Orlando City 0

Poetry Corner Kicks rhymes the final chapter of the season.

At least the Union have a keeper at keeper.
At least the Union have a keeper at keeper.
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

This is the last Poetry Corner Kicks for the Philadelphia Union’s regular season. I am not sure if I am happy or sad right now. Happy that the Union won; sad that it was such a terrible season. Happy that the season is over and we don’t HAVE to watch this team anymore; sad that the season is over and we don’t GET to watch this team anymore. Thus are the conflicting emotions of the fan of a terrible team at the end of a season. Hopefully the changes in the front office (Earnie Stewart!) and on the field this off-season will bring a better product next year. At this point, that is all that we have to look forward to. That and maybe an early playoff exit for New York.  Cheers!

It’s over, it’s done
The Union have won
The whistle has blown and the teams have all gone

The Union, so faulty
Had led an assaulty
Against ‘Lando City who played rather salty

A goal by Le Toux
Just before forty-two
He’s perfect when taking PKs for the U

So happy are fans
Who were clapping their hands
But now season’s over for these also-rans

The playoffs alas
Are by Philly passed
But playoffs are not made for teams of this class

What can be redeemed
From this Philly team?
At least we’ve a ‘keeper who’s held in esteem

Curtin will stay
With that I’m okay
Let’s give one more year to see what he displays

It’s time to assess
And apply cold compress
To this season that spiraled to such utter mess

I’ll miss all the rhymes
For the U and their crimes
But we’ll try again next year for much better times