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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1,000 - NYRB 0

Poetry Corner Kicks is in denial.

New York fans show their displeasure at being so handily beaten by the Philadelphia Union.
New York fans show their displeasure at being so handily beaten by the Philadelphia Union.
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

You’re a fan of one of the worst teams in the league. They go up against a "rival" near the end of a hugely disappointing season and lose 4-1. Not only do they lose by three goals, but they also give up the fastest goal in the history of the league. What can you do when your team is this terrible and you lose a game this badly? Denial! You pretend you won and move on with your day with a smile on your face. So let’s all try denial together and see how this game unfolded (in my mind).

The sun was shining brightly on the field in New York Jersey
Philly came to play their game and show that they were worthy
The Union started well and had the Red Bulls on their heels
While New York players begged for mercy: heartbreaking appeals
Toux would score the first goal as he ran a slalom course
His shot went through the netting for he shot with so much force
Just minutes later while the crowd was stewing in despair
Wenger shot from our own box and scored by just a hair
Such a mighty kick was this that all could only watch
It dipped and zagged and bounced and spun; a second goal was notched
It seemed New York was out of gas, their pride was wounded sore
But this was not the last time that our Philly team would score
A fine display of passing that has ne’er before been seen
Was on display from front to back to score a goal obscene
Maidana scored a bicycle, a flip of utter grace
The Union now scored 3 to none, to put Bulls in their place
A final insult to New York was how our fourth was scored
Blake had dribbled up the field and scored ‘cause he was bored
The only thing that saved Red Bull was Head Ref’s final whistle
Fans at home could scarce walk out and at the score would bristle
Philly turned their game around, this was a game to see
New York collapsed on their home field, the fans lost their esprit
"The U are good! The U are great!" This was the cheer from Philly
(Just let me dream this was the case and not just something silly)