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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1(6) - SKC 1(7)

Poetry Corner Kicks - USOC edition

Another visiting team celebrates an Open Cup victory at PPL
Another visiting team celebrates an Open Cup victory at PPL
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Oh man. This one hurt. One could be proud of the way the Philadelphia Union were able to take a "better" team in Sporting Kansas City to the brink; one could be proud of the home atmosphere and the fans; one could be proud of two USOC Finals in a row. But in the end, we are numb to all of this. I feel like this one hurt more than last year’s Final. Here is my heavy-hearted rhyming recap of the Trophy That Wasn’t for the Union.

The Union played a Final for the Open Cup again
But as with last year’s agony it ended in our pain
Chomping at the bit, the first trophy to attain
Alas it didn’t happen and we felt the stinging pain
A long and winding road, was the Union’s Cup campaign
It all came down to this one game, some glory and some pain
Paulo’s early chance by the post was well detained
It seemed the Union might be spared the sting of losing pain
Vinny’s pass to Seba was a beauty, I’ll explain:
For Toux scored the first goal and it was Sporting’s turn for pain
But after joy, there was no more as Melia was our bane
Toux and Tranq rejected as we felt the coming pain
In the second half it was a goal that was insane
Nemeth’s shot curled ‘round Blake’s arms, a dagger bringing pain
The tie game would continue and in stoppage it remained
But here is where it all went wrong and we felt all the pain
For many fans a shootout is the best to entertain
But for the fans of losing teams it brings the utmost pain
Edu, Andrew missed and they allowed KC to gain
The upper hand in penalties and brought the searing pain
McCarthy couldn’t stop them, Sporting wouldn’t be contained
The KC fans could celebrate, the Union fans abstained
For two years running now it is the U who feel the pain
While teams from other stadiums drink victory champagne
This one hurt, I’m trying to find words that aren’t profane
I guess the only one for this is simply one word: pain