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2014 Philadelphia Union Player Reviews: Andrew Wenger

In this recurring segment we look at each player on the Philadelphia Union and how they performed during the 2014 Season.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

2014 Summary

While the trade for Andrew Wenger was initially met with some negativity, and it is arguable that those emotions are warranted, Wenger exceeded expectations during his time here in Philadelphia. Wenger accumulated 1834 minutes in nineteen starts, notching six goals and four assists. For a converted left winger that's not too shabby. There is questions regarding his finishing, scoring just those six times on 23 shots on goal, but the young winger can certainly improve. A far better option than others out on the left flank, Wenger not only was a threat going forward but his ability to track back was a huge asset. There was a stretch of games this season where Wenger was in some of the best form of his career. If you need proof, just go back and watch him dismantle DeAndre Yedlin in the first half of the US Open Cup.

What did he do right?

Wenger was a tremendous professional. Whether he was stuck in a position on the field he was not accustomed to or whether he was taking heat from the fans after the Jack McInerney trade, Wenger was always giving his all. Not only giving his all, but possessing skill in the process. He gave the Union an option on the left side of the field and turned his own season around. He shows potential on that left side, and maybe next season he can expand on his improvement.

What did he do wrong?

Wenger has a bit of a finishing problem. If there was one thing the Union could have used more this season it was better finishing, not just from Wenger but from the whole team. Focusing solely on Wenger however, you find that he often times gets caught up in his own head. He shows he has a very high soccer IQ, but sometimes it hurts him when he holds onto the ball for a touch too long or makes the wrong pass. The level for improvement is very high on Wenger, and if he can learn to play the game with quicker decision making he could be very dangerous out wide.

Most Memorable Moment

Andrew Wenger scored a rocket of a goal against the San Jose Earthquakes in August that was nominated for Goal of the Year in MLS. That being said, his moment of the year is an entirely different goal. In his debut at PPL Park, announcer JP Dellacamera informed the audience that Jack McInerney had scored in his debut for Montreal. Almost as if Wenger's ears were ringing, he pounced on a perfectly weighted ball from Vincent Nogueira and slotted the ball under Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Jeff Attinella. Even though it was early still, at that moment it was a huge goal for the psyche of the Union fans who had mourned the loss of McInerney.

Future Expectations

Being from the Lancaster Area and after his above average season during the turmoil that was this campaign, I fully expect Wenger to be back next year. It remains to be seen if he can continue his success in the wide position, but if he can get himself into the game mentally and improve that asset of his game then Wenger will continue to be the option out wide for the Union for the time being. I'll project Wenger can up his goals and assist totals by at least two should he improve his decision making.