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Paid Their Dues: Is Freddy Adu coming back to MLS?

Fans of all 20 teams are all holding their collective breath praying their team is not one of the two.

Remember when we thought this was a good idea?
Remember when we thought this was a good idea?
Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

This is the story - and the player - that won't go away. Per a report by the Washington Post's Steven Goff, not one but two MLS clubs are interested in bringing Freddy Adu in for a look.

Adu could be looking to head to his eleventh club, provided that one of the two clubs Goff is referring to isn't D.C. United, Real Salt Lake, or the Philadelphia Union. Adu's last club was Serbian side FK Jagodina, where he was either cut or his trial ended. Before that, he was sent to Brazilian side Bahia for Kleberson after a disastrous stint with Philadelphia that saw him try to get Lasik surgery during the season as well as late night dalliances at XFINITY Live! the night before a match.