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2015 Schedule Union Wallpaper

A look at the schedule from a designer that loves to travel and see how much ground he's covered.

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Eryin Wandel

2015 Union Calander
Last year I made a design/wallpaper of the Union's 2014 schedule. It was just meant to be a fun little schedule for myself and to show off what I could do as an artist. But it got spread around the Sons of Ben and everyone wanted a variation of it for their computers at work, home, or on their phone.

So this year I wanted to do one again (I was also asked to do one), but I wanted to do something different - something dealing with travel since this past season I spent half of it abroad, flying, and traveling. So here is the 2015 Philadelphia Union schedule with a rough estimate of the amount of miles they would travel if they flew round trip to all their away games (distances calculated from PPL Park to the various stadiums around the league), however this could vary if they drive as a team to east coast games. Also it highlights the I-95 Cup games that the club  will face, adding New York City FC to the mix.

As I have the travel bug I hope to make at least one of the away games this season, and my goal is to make it to every stadium in MLS someday. Until then I will just try and make all of the Union home games and support my boy, Ray GaddisInspiraytion ) as well as the rest of our Boys in Blue. If you would want to help an artist live this goal and dream out (as well as just survive), check out my work (a new site is in the works), printsapparel, or hire me for a project so we can create something awesome together! (Yes, that was a shameless plug, but again, I'm an artist that needs to eat.)

There is also a second schedule design in the works, but that may never see the light of day...if it does you will see it here first on tBG. Below are download links for various desktop sizes, enjoy!

1680 x 1050

1450 x 900

1280 x 800

1024 x 764

A wallpaper needed for every Union fan.